We want as many companies to get involved as possible and to see this event grow year on year. We have already received support from many large companies right through to small boutique organisations with just one or two receptionists.

How to get involved


Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate with your colleagues:


  • Ask colleagues and team members to spread the word about how your company is supporting International Receptionists’ Day

  • Download the posters available on this page and display them in your office

  • Get involved on our Facebook and Twitter page to participate and win at fun games on the day

Examples to promote the day

  • Host a online virtual breakfast with your team members

  • Send messages of thanks and appreciation to your colleagues

  • Play a game via video conference for example Pictionary, Bingo or host a Quiz

  • Karaoke – invite your team to a video conference, find a karaoke song online and sing-along!

  • Challenge your team to bake a cake or cook their favourite food in 30 minutes and then share with each other via video

  • Have a online virtual hangout at the end of the day

  • Host a group exercise class, for example yoga, HIIT, Zumba

  • Get the team to share a skill that others can learn-this may be a new language, how to make a face mask, how to sketch or how to play a musical instrument.

  • Go on a mindful nature walk with a colleague.

  • Take part in the competitions on this website

I take pride in my role as a professional receptionist by delivering a best in class service to all our guests. International Receptionists’ Day is such a great way of celebrating the job I do and it’s always so much fun to take part in.

Claudia Schneider



I work with a wonderful team and International Receptionists’ Day is a fantastic way of bringing us even closer together.

Jeffrey Wilson



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