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We have the winners of this year's competition! Please see below for the winning submissions.

“Why are you proud to be a Receptionist?”


Serena Galasso works for for one of the world's leading financial institutions. She submitted this drawing of her team saying why they're proud to be receptionists.


Serena will receive an Amazon echo dot, kindly donated by Moneypenny -


“Showing kindness”

Agne Agniukas works for a leading property management and consultancy company in the UK. She shared her story with us.


What I did may be not so big but every little counts. :)


I remembered when I moved into this property  that I live in the landlady Isabelle was telling me how she loved gardening. 

She has around 10 properties so she used to do most of the gardening herself and she was very passionate about it.


 Last year she got really sick and was in coma for very long time, she is still recovering. Isabelle is no longer able to look after the houses as she used to so her husband has taken over as much as he can while taking her of her.


As much as I wanted to go out and help out people I had to be fair to my flatmates and stay in doors. 

Sitting at home I was looking out of the window and seeing the garden so over grown. I remembered how she was telling me all about gardening, how she loved it and and how upset she was that she was no longer able to do what she loved. 

I decided to take a pair of paper scissors and a pair of gloves get to work. It took me the whole day as I didn’t have any tools but it was so worth it! 

I sent a message with pictures to Isabelle’s  husband so he could let her know how the garden looks. Due to virus and her health she is in a high risk, she has to stay home at all times, so she wasn't very happy to be staying at home for so long but once her husband told her about the garden

She was overwhelmed.  He said  that she really appreciates the work and her day just brightened up. 


I received a box of chocolate as a thank you. It made me really happy just to know that even little things can make other people so happy and I was able to put a smile on someone’s face especially during this time.


I dont have the picture of his message unfortunately as my phone broke and all the data was lost, but I have few pictures. There was 7 black bin bags of waste. 

Agne will receive a £100 voucher for, kindly donated by Condeco -

“Sharing a positive message”

The winners are the reception team at an American multinational financial services company in the UK. The winning submission can be seen below.

The team will receive a Jeroboam of Champagne, kindly donated by Park Lane Champagne -

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and well done to all the winners!

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