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2019 competitions!


The Art of Being a Receptionist


How would you illustrate a day in the life of a Receptionist, without using any words?

Draw or paint a picture to bring to life all the aspects of the role of a Receptionist.

Winner: Serena Galasso for her brilliant drawing below

Prize: Champagne Afternoon tea for two at the Arch Hotel


My most memorable day on Reception


A Receptionist’s day is varied – no two days are the same!
What has been your most memorable day on reception?  This can be something funny that happened, a personal or team achievement or a really good read about an action packed day.

Winner: Laura Lindley for her great story below

A day on the desk!

As I’m sure most of you know, reception can be a lot more dramatic than people may think…

One busy day in October was destined to be a day to remember!

Sophie started her early shift at 7am, coffee in hand and ready for a positive day. When Sophie sat down at the computer she opened the emails to find a very full inbox. She knew today would be busy, but this amount of emails was unprecedented. After trying to respond quickly to as many emails as she could, our next team member started their shift at 8am.

Sophie explained to Kitty that she hadn’t even had the chance to prepare the hundreds of passes that were needed for the day in  the hour she had been there so they both rapidly got to work and together managed all their tasks by the time the next receptionist arrived to start her shift. Back on track, they thought! But oh no, there was more in store for our reception team that day.

I arrived and was settling in to my day when I saw a lady approaching the desk who seemed slightly different to the guests that we usually have. I stood and greeted the lady with a great big smile and asked how I could help her. This was her response.

 “Hello, Donald Trump has opened a bank account for me here, and I’d like to withdraw some money.”

There are very few times that I am lost for words, but I honestly did not know how to respond! Whilst looking around me to see if I was imagining this interaction, I promptly explained what I would do with any other bank customer, that we are the financial centre and unfortunately have no access to commercial banking. The lady was very persistent, she explained that Donald Trump had called her just this morning, told her to pop in and collect her money and had reassured her that this should not be a problem.

After going through the same conversation again, the last resort was to allow the lady to use our spare phone to contact customer services in the US, but the lady refused to give her details to the customer service team.

We finally decided it was time to contact security. When our security guard came over he approached the lady and tried to speak with her, but she snapped at him and said that she was busy on the phone.   Dale our security guard then looked at the phone and explained to her that there was no one on the other end. She had obviously been talking to herself for a good 5 minutes!!! The security guards finally escorted her out.

So back to normality and back on the desk, with quite a few lunch guests due to arrive, all seemed to be ticking along nicely again.

A new receptionist that had recently started with us accidentally plugged in her Dyson heater into the wrong plug and blew the fuse, and BANG!!! Off go the computers! In the midst all of the craziness, trying to get hold of someone from IT, we then receive a phone call from one of the events team.  They explain to Hannah that the guests for their two roadshows which were due to arrive at any minute, must not meet each other as there are competitive companies! Therefore we had to use our imagination and create a separate waiting area for the guests to ensure they did not cross paths.

As we still had no access to our computers, we were about to revert to our emergency procedures, when Kitty spots one of the IT guys coming back from lunch with his very large pizza box! He quickly helps us and thankfully the computers then came to life.

After what seemed like the busiest, craziest morning and lunchtime, we all took a big deep breath and hoped for a slightly quieter afternoon.

Only to look up and see the Donald Trump lady coming towards us again! I’ll let you imagine how the rest of the day went……


Prize: A bottle of Champagne


A Reception Rhyme


Create a reception-themed poem, limerick or haiku. It doesn’t have to rhyme… but it should be something inspiring or humorous.

Winner: David Kuczik

IRD Poem

Hello stranger, welcome to our reception!

We reward you with warm smiles, never deception,

It’s our greatest pleasure, hosting you at Rapport,

A thriving company, nationwide adored.

Our vision and values are carefully laid down,

Ensuring there is never a communication breakdown.

We are ready to help with everything you need,

Before you have to ask, we’ll take the lead.

Spillage on your shirt or last-minute tickets?

It is widely known, our help has no limits.

We have many requests but it’s never too much,

Each encounter is paired with a personal touch,

You are speechless, as your welcome was as warm as yesterday,

When you receive such experience,  what else is there to say?

Receptionists, today is your International Day,

On the second Wednesday of Marvellous May!


Prize: Luxury hand and nail pamper set


A snap to sum it up!


Take a photo of your Receptionist or Reception team, holding a board with one word to describe what it’s like to be a Receptionist for you! Please write or print one word on an A3 size paper or card.

As a team we have chosen the word Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Because as receptionists, just like Mary Poppins, believe there is always an answer for any question. Even if you do not know the answer you need to know where to find it and give your all to help with a smile and positive energy always. Also because the word signifies Wonderful, fantastic, fabulous and all amazing words summed up in one and that’s just how we feel at work. Furthermore each member of the team designed one page in their own artistic way. We are stronger together but still individual.


Prize: Luxury Hamper

a snap to sum it up.jpeg
art of being a receptionist.png

As the manager of a team of receptionists, International Receptionists’ Day is the one day in the year where my sole focus is to celebrate with my team and to acknowledge the great job they do.


Joanna Taylor

Reception Manager



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