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Congratulations to all of our 2018 Winners!

Reception Heroes


Aisha, Receptionist at GP Practice

“One of my receptionists, Aisha, who has not been with us very long impressed me recently. We are  a busy GP Practice and on occasion have to use a service called Language Line which provides a translator service over the phone for patients who require it. On a particularly busy day, one of our GPs was seeing a patient who had waited weeks for an appointment. Unfortunately the Language Line facility was out of order, which meant that the patient was unable to communicate with the doctor and understandably was concerned and frustrated. Aisha used her initiative and without  any hesitation offered to translate for the patient, as she spoke their native tongue. The patient understood that we have very strict confidentiality rules at the surgery and so their consultation would remain private and confidential and was delighted that Aisha offered  to help. I was very impressed with Aisha's quick thinking  and her natural ability to put patients first, which resulted in a very happy outcome. Well done Aisha!”

Jessica, Receptionist at non profit day care programme in USA

“We work for a non-profit Day program on the West Coast for people with developmental disabilities. The building manages about 300 people and we have one receptionist, Jessica, who is not only the front office person, but also a mentor, project manager and even looks after building maintenance when needed.  She has the ability to multitask, it’s like her superpower!  She thinks on her feet, whether it’s to cover for a manager that has forgotten to arrive for a meeting, or to calm an angry family member when they come into the building. In any situation, however challenging, she is able to maintain a huge smile throughout. 


Jessica is just downright amazing.  I know that this might sound like every other receptionist should be, but I truly believe this lady is special and has a gift, a real talent. She is going to make her mark in life.

Caption Competition

'Darling, put your back into it, before my Louboutin’s disappear!’

Winner: Karen Hood, Corporate Receptionist in Glasgow

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2018 Winners

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