The purpose of International Receptionists’ Day is to:


  • Foster a recognition of the importance of a receptionist's role. They are usually the first person a customer or client meets when they visit a company.


  • Promote pride and professionalism amongst receptionists for the important role they play within an organisation.


  • Give receptionists an opportunity to share stories and link up with other colleagues around the world.

Receptionists' Day was first launched in 1991 in the US to celebrate the role of professional receptionists and in 2012, Rapport, the UK's leading provider of Reception Services launched it in the UK, and as other countries signed up to support this initiative, International Receptionists' Day was formed.

As the founder of National Receptionists’ Day in the United States, I am delighted that this fantastic initiative is being celebrated and recognised in the UK though our partnership with Rapport.


Jennifer Alexander

National Receptionists Association


Today IRD is celebrated in many countries around the world including the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia as well as other  other European countries.

Our receptionists are usually our guests’ first point of contact with our clients’ organisations and we appreciate how hard they work to ensure that they make a brilliant first impression. Supporting International Receptionists’ Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the great work they do and to raise their profile within our operations. We hope that every single receptionist who takes part will feel proud about the important job they do.


Greg Mace

Managing Director of Rapport


IRD has been enthusiastically supported and promoted by the AICR, the association of front of house managers of the world's leading hotels.

Click HERE for AICR UK home

Rapport, a multi-award winning provider of Reception Services is proud to be lead sponsor of International Receptionists' Day and is committed to promoting the role of receptionists and other front of house professionals all around the world. Rapport operates in the UK, Ireland, the US and Hong Kong.


Further details about Rapport can be found at www.rapportservice.com


13th May


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